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The Philly Off-Campus Experience

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The Philadelphia Center off-campus study program offers you the opportunity to gain college credit while living and learning independently. With our help, you will secure a professional, accredited internship and housing in the vibrant and diverse city of Philadelphia. You will explore career paths through real-world applications and rigorous, seminar-style courses. Upon completion of the program, you will leave Philadelphia with a strong sense of your abilities, social and professional aspirations, and a plan for your future.

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Fostering an Off-Campus Educational Experience since 1967

The Philadelphia Center is one of the nation’s oldest experiential education institutions. Since 1967, we have fostered an intentionally small, off-campus experiential education program that complements the undergraduate liberal arts curriculum.

In partnership with the Great Lakes Colleges Association, the Philadelphia Center is managed and operated by Albion College, located in Albion, Michigan.

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Living in Philadelphia

Famous as the birthplace of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Philadelphia is a vibrant city alive with world-class arts, entertainment, education, cuisine and of course, history.

Life in Philadelphia

  • The Philadelphia
    Pennsylvania Museum of Art

  • Fountain at LOVE Park in
    Center City

  • LOVE Sign in Center City

What does The Philadelphia Center offer?

The Philadelphia Center, an off-campus urban experiential program, is designed to provide college students from across the country with an independent living and learning experience while earning college credit in one of America’s oldest cities.

Educational Experience

  • An opportunity to thrive through experiential education
  • Take part in professional, accredited internships
  • Ability to explore career paths through real-world applications
  • Develop an individualized learning plan
  • Concentrate on key knowledge and skill areas


Living Experience

  • An opportunity to gain independence
  • Independent living in a major U.S. metropolitan area
  • Develop a strong sense of abilities, social and professional aspirations, and a plan for the future



Past Experiences

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Meet Our Alumni

It was a great experience for me to learn more about myself, which was the most important part of the Philadelphia program. It made me feel more independent and made me proactive. My internship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia helped me shape my major and understand the medicine.

Asaad - Earlham College

I knew I wanted to study off campus, but looking at programs abroad kind of overwhelmed me and it was also really challenging for me financially to go abroad. I knew that going to Philadelphia would be a great option. It was so wonderful to live in the city and experience something different in the country I live in.

Karina - Hope College

The Philadelphia Center provided me with a positive learning experience and I now feel more equipped as a young professional to step into the workforce.

Blair - Lebanon Valley College

I came to Philadelphia because I wanted to explore the city and because this program has existed for over 50 years. They have connections. I don’t have those connections, but they’ve helped me get what I want.

Xinqi - DePauw University

The relationships I made through this program and at my internship have deeply impacted my life and my career. I actually moved out to Philadelphia after I graduated college. My contacts with the Philly Center and my internship have created for me the opportunity to return to this area which I love, and to have the opportunity to become a police officer.

Ben - Hope College

I recommend this experience to any student who wants to find out who they are, not only as a person but what they’re interested in and what career they want to pursue. It’s a really welcoming and supportive community. You get to put yourself out there. If you want to be challenged and have a rewarding experience, you’ve gotta go to Philly.

Sylvia - College of Wooster

I thoroughly enjoyed everything The Philadelphia Center had to offer, especially the independent city living and opportunity to find a full-time placement in the field of my choice.

Andry - Earlham College

My semester in Philadelphia taught me that I am a strong independent woman who can take on any task given to her.

Jacqueline - Ohio Wesleyan University

I am forever grateful to The Philadelphia Center for helping me learn who I am and what I want to be. This is definitely one of the best times I have ever had in my life.

Wenchang - Denison University