Fall or Spring – 16 Credits

Fall or Spring Program (16 Credits / 4 Units)

The fall and spring programs are a great option for students who:

  • Want to get off their campus and would like to explore a profession, develop their skills, and/or receive job training prior to graduation
  • Are looking for a unique experience living and learning in one of America’s largest cities for a semester
  • Thrive in a self directed, supportive real world environment and are interested in self reflection and growth

Students enrolled at TPC during fall or spring semester will work with a TPC faculty advisor to find an internship (32 hours per week) that best meets their academic and career goals. You will develop an individualized learning plan, concentrate on key knowledge and skill areas, produce a professional portfolio, and participate in on-site meetings throughout the course of the program. You will receive eight academic credits for your internship.

In addition to an internship, you will take two classes at TPC for up to eight academic credits: a city seminar and an elective. City seminars meet once a week, during the day, and are taught by our full-time faculty advisors who serve as both seminar leader and internship advisor and who help you integrate the learning that occurs in your internship, within the city, and in the classroom. Electives are held once a week, in the evening, and help diversify your course of study and meet on-campus requirements. Our adjunct faculty members are practicing professionals who bring real-world perspectives into the classroom.

Internship – 8 credits / 2 units
City Seminar – 4 credits / 1 unit
Elective – 4 credits / 1 unit

Upcoming Semester Dates*

  • Fall 2019   Saturday August 24 – Wednesday December 11, 2019
  • Spring 2020   Saturday January 11 – Wednesday April 29, 2020
  • Fall 2020Saturday August 29 – Wednesday December 16, 2020


*Dates are subject to change.