Applying to The Philadelphia Center

Students interested in applying should consult with their home college off-campus study advisor to learn about home campus application procedures and deadlines.

Applications to the Philadelphia Center must include the following:

  • Transcript or descriptive list of courses and grades
  • Letters of recommendation (2)
  • Course title and advisor statement for departmental credit (if required)
  • Applicant questions
  • Signatures

Application deadlines are June for fall semester enrollment and November for spring semester. TPC will contact students within 15 working days of receiving a completed application and accompanying materials.

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Helpful Hints

  • Speak with your academic advisor to ensure proper transfer of academic credits.
  • Set up a meeting with your financial aid office to clarify issues regarding tuition, scholarships, and loans.
  • Refer to our Budget Survey for more information.
  • Ascertain whether or not your campus has an off-campus study deadline and make sure you fulfill any off-campus study application procedures and requirements your institution may have.
  • Speak with students on your campus who are TPC alumni.
  • Make a copy of your completed application for your records.


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