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Leah Tworek

image Leah Tworek, Hope College, Spring 2011.
My first two years at Hope College were full of twists and turns. During this time I was unsure of what my direction in life should be or how to exactly figure this out. Coming to The Philadelphia Center gave me the chance to get away from the decisions I was trying to make, the people pressuring me to make these decisions and to clear my head a little. Little did I know that coming to Philadelphia would help me tremendously in figuring out the direction I want my life to take.

Before coming to Philadelphia one of the biggest decisions I was struggling with was whether or not an accounting degree at Hope College was the best thing for my life. Once I decided to attend TPC I hoped getting an internship in public accounting would help answer some of my questions and ease my worries. It did! I ended up accepting a position at Duane Morris in their Tax Accounting Group and absolutely loved it. This internship allowed me to see what tax accounting was all about. I was able to assist in creating, organizing, and preparing tax returns and other tasks around the office for the staff accountants.

I also had the opportunity to help out with a forensic accounting case during my last couple days.  I learned more in the four months of my internship than would have been possible in any class I have taken or will take. By the end of my time at Duane Morris I was confident that accounting was right for me and actually changed my major in order to become a Certified Public Accountant.

The classes I took at TPC were like no other classes I have ever taken. I took Education and Difference at Work with Diana Water and Marketing with Michael Edmondson. Our city seminar allowed us to get out into the schools and experience what is going on in the school systems for ourselves instead of just reading about it in a book or only watching movies about it. We were also able to have in depth discussions about these issues and really uncover what is going on. Marketing was one of the best classes I have ever taken. I felt like I learned more practical things in this class that I can apply to my life now, than I have learned in most of my other classes. I discovered many valuable things about myself in class by being able to figure out what is unique about my own personal brand and how to best market myself to others. There was definitely never a dull moment in this class.

Experiential learning through a field placement, city seminar and city living is what The Philadelphia Center is all about and during my time here it became evident why. While in Philadelphia I experienced so many new things that would not have been possible or would not of had such a powerful impact on my education and life if I would have not come. Being a part of TPC has been one of the best education decisions I have made thus far. It is hard to describe what a whirl wind experience you can have at TPC until you are actually here and live it for yourself. The best way I can sum up my experience is that my time here was absolutely amazing and I have never felt so good about my direction in life.